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  • 4th of July Album


    This beautiful silk album is the perfect place to preserve your Fourth of July photos. Place a photo, each year, in this 25 page fold-out book, of your family engaged in your 4th of July traditions. Your family will love looking back through pictures of previous celebrations when you bring this charming book out a few weeks before the holiday.

    7.25” x 7.25,” 25 pages.

  • 4th of July Sack


    I’m Proud to be an American Because… Each year before you celebrate the 4th of July, sit down with your kids and discuss the importance of our freedom and the truly amazing country we live in.

    Once you have finished your discussion, ask your children to fill in these Patriotic Stars. Display the stars for all to see. Use them to decorate your tablecloth for your annual BBQ, attach a toothpick and stick them in the hot dog buns, or just hang them on the refrigerator.

    Collect the stars every year and collage them in your “Fourth of July” book along with your annual photo. It is fun to look back over the years and see how not only your children have grown, but to read their stars and see how their thoughts have grown as well.

    Sack contains 6 star-shaped cards. Each card measures 4.25″ x 4.25″.

  • Advice to the Bride & Groom


    These cards can be given as a gift at an engagement party, bridal shower or any other celebration in honor of the upcoming nuptials. Ask each guest to write a wish, a few words of wisdom or a dream they have for the couple. This is a beautiful keepsake the newlyweds will cherish for years to come.

    These cards can be sent out with bridal shower invitations as well. Set includes 50 cards. Shipped in a heavy ivory gift box with gold embossed logo.

  • Artwork Portfolio


    Show your little “Picasso” just how much you value their artwork by keeping it all in this beautiful but sturdy portfolio with protective sides. Treasures such as these should never be stored in drawers or attic boxes where they can get lost or damaged.

    Measures 20.5″ x 26″ portfolio.

  • Back to School Album


    This beautiful silk album is the perfect place to preserve your Back-to-School photos. We suggest placing one photo, each year, in these 25 page fold-out books, of your family engaged in your favorite Back-to-School tradition. Perhaps it’ll be that special first day of school photo that’s a must right through the senior year. Your family will love looking back through pictures when you bring this charming book out a few weeks before school starts.

    7.25” x 7.25,” 25 pages.

  • Back to School Sack


    When I Grow Up… Each year before your child’s first day of school, ask them what they want to be when they grow up. Write their answers on these apple-shaped cards and paste them in your “Back-to-School” book, along with your annual photo. You and your children will love looking back at all of the different dreams they had when they were younger.

    Sack contains 6 apple-shaped cards. Each card measures 4.75″ x 3.5″.

  • Birthday Book


    Keep one great photo of your child or grandchild from each and every birthday up to age 21, or every five years for adult members of the family. Make it even more personal by choosing a special outfit that represents your family’s heritage or interests. Dress your daughter in your wedding gown every year, or your son in dad’s football jersey from high school. Now you’ve started a family tradition everyone will love, year after year.

    6″ x 6″ book with 24 acid-free, fold-out pages.

  • Card Portfolio


    With this Card Portfolio in hand, you can make one trip to your favorite card store and stock up on birthday, anniversary, thank-you, and get-well soon cards. This Card Portfolio is sorted by month (for birthdays and anniversaries) and has special sections for thank-you and misc. cards. What an easy way to stay on top of sending love, encouragement, and condolences to those you care about.

    6 pages w/pockets for 12 months. Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″

  • Christmas Album


    Place a photo, each year, in this 25 page fold-out silk album, of your family engaged in your favorite Christmas tradition. Perhaps it’ll be a photo of the family heading to church or to Grandma’s on Christmas Eve, or of a beautiful tree, decorated by tiny loving hands. Or maybe it will show sleepy children, falling asleep around the tree, while visions of sugarplums dance in their heads. Your family will love looking back through pictures and anecdotes of previous celebrations when you bring this charming book out a few weeks before the holiday.

    7.25″ x 7.25,” 25 pages
    Pages fold out accordion style.

  • Christmas Frame Album


    This beautiful fold-out album from Once Upon a Family is the perfect place to preserve your Christmas photos.

  • Conversation Starters


    Spend time together talking about what matters most. Transform the dinner table into the place where you have fun and memorable conversations that give everyone a sense of belonging. It’s possible to teach your children the value of honesty, responsibility and compassion in just minutes a day with Conversation Starters that get your family talking about those important values. You will see how easy and fun teaching values can be.

  • Date Night Deck


    Fifty-two date ideas to help you connect, rekindle and strengthen your love. Most dating ideas you will find on the internet or in books give tips for different locations or activities to do while on your date. Our Date Night Deck, designed with Marriage Therapist Brett Williams, is structured instead around the three styles of attention couples need: visual, talking, and physical. Not all of us are the same. And our need for attention also varies from person to person. Some need touch, while others need verbal interaction. Your Date Night Deck will give you ideas on how to bring the special kind of attention your partner needs.

    Set includes a box (4″ x 4.5″ x 1.25″) to keep everything in, date journal, and 52 date cards divided into three groups.

  • Dates with Dad Refill Journal


    The perfect place to record special “Dates with Dad”: Sunday brunch at a favorite restaurant, an afternoon at the movies, or maybe an all day fishing trip.

    • comes with 12 3.75″ x 5.5″ photo sleeves & 12 3.75″ x 5.5″ pages
    • folds out to 6″ x 12″ book

    An heirloom sure to be treasured by both Father and Daughter!

  • Dear Santa Stationery Christmas Sack


    Don’t let your Christmas Wish-List get lost in the shuffle! This year send our darling “Dear Santa Stationery” to the North Pole and Santa will be sure to remember your every wish. Your children can also use this stationery to leave Santa a note (along with some milk & cookies of course) when he delivers your presents. Or even use it to write Santa and his elves a “Thank you” the day after Christmas once you’ve opened all your gifts.

    Sack contains 8 “Dear Santa” letters & 4 envelopes. Stationery measures 4″ x 3″.

  • Dear Sweet Child Letter Box


    Every year, on his or her birthday, write your child or grandchild a letter expressing how much they mean to you and highlight some of the funny and sweet things they did that year. Place it in an ivory booklet with some photographs and store them in this beautiful box. Begin to mail each letter 21 days before their 21st birthday, with the last letter and the box arriving on the big day. This will be one of the most treasured gifts he or she will ever receive.

    22 ivory booklets included. Box measures 7.5″ x 11″ x 3″.