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  • Love Wheel


    Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day or an Anniversary to show someone how much you care. Use this Love Wheel to tell them today! Sometimes an unexpected gesture of love is the most meaningful. Simply align the wheel with each Key Word (Love, Admiration, Friendship, Trust, Adoration & Cherish) and complete the sentence we started for you. Then wrap the wheel in our signature swirl covered envelope & tie your gift up with our beautiful red satin bow. Our Love Wheel makes it easy to share your feelings with someone you love. This is a truly personal gift from the heart.

  • Valentine’s Album


    This beautiful silk album is the perfect place to preserve your Valentine’s Day photos. Place a photo, each year, in this 25 page fold-out book, of your family engaged in your Valentine’s Day traditions. Your family will love looking back through pictures of previous celebrations when you bring this charming book out a few weeks before the holiday.

    7.25” x 7.25,” 25 pages.

  • Valentine’s Sack – Hidden Hearts


    Hidden Hearts: Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show someone you care. Compile a list of all the reasons you cherish your special someone. Don’t forget the small things; honor their uniqueness. (“I love it how your nose wrinkles when you’re frustrated” or “I appreciate it when you make your bed without me asking.”)

    Insert your special notes into these little stuffed hearts, then choose random spots to hide them. Your sweetheart will surely be touched when they come across these cherished notes in such unlikely places (a coffee mug, a briefcase, a cereal box, or the car).

    Includes 4 stuffed silk hearts w/ pockets. Each heart measures 2″ x 2.25″.