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  • Advice to the Bride & Groom


    These cards can be given as a gift at an engagement party, bridal shower or any other celebration in honor of the upcoming nuptials. Ask each guest to write a wish, a few words of wisdom or a dream they have for the couple. This is a beautiful keepsake the newlyweds will cherish for years to come.

    These cards can be sent out with bridal shower invitations as well. Set includes 50 cards. Shipped in a heavy ivory gift box with gold embossed logo.

  • Conversation Starters


    Spend time together talking about what matters most. Transform the dinner table into the place where you have fun and memorable conversations that give everyone a sense of belonging. It’s possible to teach your children the value of honesty, responsibility and compassion in just minutes a day with Conversation Starters that get your family talking about those important values. You will see how easy and fun teaching values can be.

  • Date Night Deck


    Fifty-two date ideas to help you connect, rekindle and strengthen your love. Most dating ideas you will find on the internet or in books give tips for different locations or activities to do while on your date. Our Date Night Deck, designed with Marriage Therapist Brett Williams, is structured instead around the three styles of attention couples need: visual, talking, and physical. Not all of us are the same. And our need for attention also varies from person to person. Some need touch, while others need verbal interaction. Your Date Night Deck will give you ideas on how to bring the special kind of attention your partner needs.

    Set includes a box (4″ x 4.5″ x 1.25″) to keep everything in, date journal, and 52 date cards divided into three groups.

  • Extra Newborn Wishes Cards – Set of 12


    This set of cards, featuring four different precious baby photos, can be used as a supplement for the Wishes to the Newborn Gift Box. These cards can also be given as a gift at any time during pregnancy or after the baby is born. Fill the cards with your words of wisdom or leave them blank so the mother-to-be can write her wishes to her baby & give them to her child when they are grown. No matter how you use these cards, they are a beautiful keepsake a mother & her child will cherish for years to come.

    Set includes 12 (3.25″ x3.25″) cards, 12 envelopes & beautiful organza ribbon.

  • Family Fun Pad


    A healthy, happy family is one where every member has a voice and feels respected.
    The Family Fun Pad allows everyone to write down ideas of “Family Fun”. One night a week (perhaps Friday night during dinner) someone picks out one slip of paper and announces which activity the family will enjoy together during the weekend.

    • Dimensions: 3.25″ x 3.25″

    We recommend storing the Family Fun ideas in the Family Fun Box.

  • Family Tree Leaves


    Creating your own Family Tree can be an easy and fun family activity. Write the names and birthdates of each family member on the front of the leaf and glue a small picture of them on the back. Then “hang” these leaves on our Family Tree Poster (sold separately).

    Set of 25 leaves.

  • Holiday Note Cards – 16pk


    This beautiful set of note cards comes in an array of holiday photographs (4 each of 4 designs). Tuck them away in your Portfolio for Cards & Letters and you’re ready to send a quick holiday thank you, some love and encouragement, or whatever message the occasion calls for. Even when things get hectic during the holiday season, it’s always important to take a moment to remember someone special in your life.

    Set includes 16, 4″ x 6″ blank note cards & 16 envelopes.

  • I Love You Pillow Refill


    Are there times when showing someone how you feel is more meaningful than telling them? Do you ever want to say you’re sorry, cheer someone up with a note of encouragement, or just tell them you are thinking of them? Use these cards alone or with the I Love You Pillow. They are the perfect way to show your feelings when words just aren’t enough. It can be shared with a significant other or your entire family. Fill out one of the cards and leave it in a special place to be discovered later. It’s a great way for everyone to express feelings that are difficult to share.

    Includes 25 cards.

  • I’m Always With You


    This is a wonderful way to take a sweet remembrance with you while you’re away on a business trip, weekend with friends or on vacation. It’s also great for siblings who visit between parents, visit their Grandparents or are away at camp for a week. Before leaving home, fill the pockets with special notes, fill the photo slots with your favorite pictures. Then pack it with your luggage. When you get to your destination, hang it on a doorknob as a reminder of your loved one. This is the perfect compliment to the “While I’m Away Box.” Now you and your children will have something to remind you of each other when you are away from home. This is perfect for children when they are away, perhaps at camp for a week, to remind them how much they are loved so they don’t get homesick.

  • Inspirational Cards


    This beautiful set of 4″ x 6″ note cards come in an array of breathtaking designs (4 each of 4 designs). Tuck them away in your Portfolio for Cards & Letters and you’re ready to send a quick Thank You, some love and encouragement, or whatever message the occasion calls for.

    Set includes 16 blank note cards & 16 envelopes.

  • Ivory Letter Booklets – 10pk


    Every year, on his or her birthday, write your child or grandchild a letter expressing how much they mean to you and highlight some of the things they did that year. Write it in these ivory booklets, add some photos, and store them in a Dear Sweet Child Letterbox. Begin to mail each letter 21 days before their 21st birthday, with the last letter arriving on the big day. This will be one of the most treasured gifts they will ever receive.

    Includes 10 Ivory Letter Booklets.

  • Leather Dates with Dad Set


    This handsome “little black book” is perfect for special “Dates with Dad”: Sunday brunch at a favorite restaurant, an afternoon at the movies, or maybe an all day fishing trip. This keepsake comes with 12 photo sleeves and 12 pages to record memories from each special date. An heirloom sure to be treasured by both Father and Daughter

    • leather casing folds out to 6″ x 12″
    • journal measures 3.75″ x 5.5″
  • Love By The Month Envelopes – 12pk


    Grandparents, friends, and loves ones will look forward to receiving these roomy envelopes every month. Fill these 12 envelopes with notes from your children, artwork or any other memento that your child wishes to send. What a wonderful way to let loved ones feel close to your child’s heart all year long.

    Includes 12 envelopes, each measures 9″ x 12″.

  • Love Tags


    Spread your love with these darling Love Tags. You can write all the reasons you love that special someone on the back of the decoupage-style cards and hang them on a tree that you use as a centerpiece for a special dinner. You can also hide them in your husband’s car, on your child’s bedroom door or in their lunchbox. When they find all 12 of these Love Tags, they will have a collection that not only shows how much they are loved – but tells them why.

    Set of 12 tags come in a cranberry red linen drawstring bag with “Love Notes” embroidered on the fabric.

  • Our Family Recipe Cards – 50pk


    Many of the best recipes are those that have been passed down the generations. Send out these “Cherished Family Recipe” cards to family members so they can give you their signature dishes. Place these wonderful cards in the “Family Recipes Album” or “Recipe Box” and pass it down for generations.

    • Set of 50