To our hearts and our happiness in life


When asking people what is most important to them in life, family will always be a top contender. For many, family means security, love, a safe haven, and acceptance. We know that families come in many shapes and sizes, and this is a beautiful thing.

My husband and I experienced very different childhoods. Mine was a richly rewarding one with extended family wherever I turned…first cousins in the 40 count…annual family reunions… sleep-overs…get-togethers…sleigh rides on Christmas Eve. Marc grew up happily, but with sickness and sadness in his immediate family. By the time he was 9, he had lost both his mother and his father. For the two of us, a loving family was coveted for opposite reasons…me as a continuation of the closeness and joy I felt growing up, and for Marc as a chance to experience the love that a close-knit family could have.

Today, the businesses we have created are all about family…and keeping everyone healthy, fit, connected, and looking & feeling great!

Life is busy today. It’s not always clear how you can have a lasting impact on the people you love and the values you share. These products are easy tools that will help you create lasting memories using simple traditions. Many will turn into cherished keepsakes as the years go by. Having these beautiful and purposeful products in your home will remind you to be authentic and intentional in your relationships.

Sally & Marc